Deadlines and due dates are set in place for a reason, however often the time - client’s miss these marks. Especially, when it comes to bills. Johnny the Good Guy for example, loves your service. He’s not short on cash either. His problem is one that we are all too familiar with. He’s not trying to dodge your collection notice, he’s just too busy. People like Johnny need a gentle SMS reminder. Depending on how high your client ranks on the reliability scale, you might need to enhance your SMS reminder with a combination of alerts and notifications to make sure they remember to pay your bill.

Use Automation to Save Time

Chasing clients is a tedious task, which can be quite draining. Creating an automated SMS campaign will allow you to keep clients on their toes with just a touch of a button. If you’re interested in creating an automated SMS sequence, check out our SMS REST API. We recommend our Infusionsoft SMS integration for a quick connection. For more complicated automation campaigns, we have designed a product called the Sequencer. To inquire about the Sequencer, contact us here.

Happy Clients

Client: Penrith City Council | Industry: Government

The Penrith City Council were sending their collection notices through email, but they were not getting the results they wanted. Often, the email recipients would claim that they did not receive a bill. As you could imagine, this created conflict on both sides. Once Penrith City Council switched their notices from email to SMS, all messages were now tracked. They could clearly see exactly when a message was delivered in their delivery reports. Failed deliveries would also be tracked, so they knew when to take alternative measures. Through the use of SMS reminders, recipients were no longer able to make an excuse. Notice payments have now increased significantly since making to switch to SMS.

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