Save time, and make your business process more efficient with the help of SMS sales automation. Although SMS is known as a social tool, it’s also used for developing consumer relations. Engage with your new leads instantly, and start a conversation with them right away. Send an automated follow-up, which can be triggered by a new contact, or with an SMS keyword. If you prefer replying to clients through email, you can use our email to SMS service to have your replies sent back as text messages. A conversation thread will be created inside your inbox under a consistent header to keep you organised.

Make your sales process even smoother by adding SMS directly into your CRM automation sequence. Click here to view one of our quick start integrations.

Complex Automation Sets

If you need to setup a more sophisticated SMS automation sequence for your sales cycle, check out our new Sequencer tool. It’s designed to provide you with more options to build intelligent SMS automation campaigns.

Happy Clients

Client: R&W | Industry: Real Estate

Engage with leads with SMS

Imagine a couple driving around their favourite suburb on a Sunday afternoon. They come across a house for sale, but need more information. Then they notice a sign that says text for more details.

Automate the information stage

They text the SMS keyword 22pittwater to the number on the sign, and instantly receive a text message that contains information about the property. At the same time the agent gets an email alerting him that somebody has expressed interest in the property.

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