Text messaging has made the leap from becoming a strategic option to becoming something that consumers now expect. This is especially true for reminders, appointments, and confirmations. According to Nielsen, 53% of global consumers feel anxious when their mobile device isn’t nearby. In the same study, they found that two-thirds of global respondents agree that face-to-face interactions are being replaced by electronic ones. However, this was not perceived as an issue since 47% prefer text messaging as a means of communications.

If you haven’t already been sending SMS reminders and confirmations to decrease your no-shows, it’s time to start.

SMS Automation

There are varying levels of strategic complexity that you can add to your SMS reminders. If you are interested in creating recurring sequences, have a look at our SMS automation service - the Sequencer.

Happy Clients

Client: Simply Smiles Dental | Industry: Dental

Dentists can now fill in their appointments faster than ever, by providing a seamless and non-intrusive way of reaching their clients with SMS reminders. In Simply Smile’s case, they have added an extra level of service by combining SMS reminders with email. Through a virtual number, Simply Smile was able to process SMS responses and forward them to email. Their receptionists were then able to reply to those emails, and have their email replies sent back as text messages.

Current State of SMS Marketing

Another great tip would be to use our Quick SMS service to schedule reminders. You also have the option of setting up a bookmark in your browser toolbar, making it even faster and easier to send a reminder. For more about the Quick SMS Bookmarklet - click here.

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