Credit card and identity fraud happen more often than it should. If you have ever installed a login tracker on your website, you know first hand how many times a day someone attempts to access your internal data. Scammers are determined, so you need to be proactive by making them jump through as many hoops as possible. Protect your business by adding SMS verifications into your security process.

Most fortune 500 businesses, and trusted brands from around the world are now implementing SMS verifications into their security and verification systems. The reason why this is so effective is because in these modern times, everyone has their phone within arms reach. The odds of someone losing both their phone and credit card details are low. However if they do lose both, their mobile device will likely be locked, or can be locked from anywhere in the world.

This makes the likelihood of someone stealing your identity significantly lower. Adding SMS verifications is not just important for businesses with sensitive data, but they also play a critical part in lowering costs needed to filter out harmful accounts. Make it as difficult as possible for a scammer to succeed by adding SMS verifications.

SMS Verifications

It sounds odd now, but wind the clock back 9 years, and Burst SMS used email to verify user accounts. This process lead to the creation of many fake, and fraudulent accounts which operated on stolen credit cards. It didn’t take long to switch over to SMS verifications, and once we were able to accurately verify our users, we noticed a significant drop in fraudulent sign-ups.

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